Tektino RCC-8A+ A/C Machine

Tektino RCC-8A+ Car Aircon Machine


Main functions:

  • Recovery
  • Vacuum
  • Oil injection
  • Charge


  • Heater band
  • Thermal printer
  • Hand valves free
  • Condenser and cooling fan
  • Automatic service reminding
  • A/C database included, free update
  • Pressurization to speed up used oil discharge
  • (optional)Vacuum leak test
  • (optional)UV dye injection
  • (optional)Automatic air purge
  • (optional)120L/min vacuum pump
  • (pre request) Work with R134a or HFO1234yf


  • Input power: AC220V±10%~50/60Hz
  • Compressor power: 3/8HP
  • Average gas state refrigerant recovery speed: 250g/min
  • Recovery rate: 97%
  • Vacuum pump capacity: 60L/min(120L/min optional)
  • Drier-filter capacity: 600ml
  • Accuracy of gas cylinder load cell: ±10g
  • Accuracy of oil bottle load cell: ±5g
  • Gas cylinder capacity: 10kg
  • New/used oil bottle capacity: 250ml
  • Max. Pressure: 20bar
  • Charge speed: 2Kg/Min(max.)
  • LCD display: 4.3-inch, TFT full color
  • High pressure gauge range: -1~40bar
  • Low pressure gauge range: -1~22bar
  • Package 710*640*1190mm;Unpacked:650*558*1055mm

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