KCL24BP 4 Tons 2 Post Car Lifter

Your new OBC2BP 4 Tons 2 Post Car Lifter for your under chassis job.



The OBC2BP 2 Post Car Lifter an affordable, commercial grade 2 Post Lift.

This is a Two Post BASE PLATE / OPEN TOP Vehicle Lift. The OBC2BP 2 Post Car Lifter features symmetric type.

The Base Plate design used on this model allows this lift to be installed in low ceiling environments. The cables and hydraulic hoses are routed under a base plate between the two posts. With a post height of only 9′-3″, this lift can be installed in almost any garage. Careful consideration must be taken for the vehicles that will be lifted, while the posts themselves require only low ceilings, the height of the actual vehicle itself, along with the lifting height of this equipment must be accounted for to prevent vehicle damage.





Company  Veritek Incorporated
Brand OBC
Model OBC2bp
Machine Type Car Lifter
Suitable Cars, SUV and Light Trucks
Weight Capacity (Ton): 4 Tons
Design Style: Base Plate
(Open Top)
Column Configuration: Symmetric
Post height:  2,725mm
Lifting Height  ≥1800mm
Post height: 2,725mm
Inside column:  2500mm
Lock release type: Manual
Safety Locking System: SINGLE Point Release
Lifting Time: 50 Seconds
Motor Voltage: 220V
Motor Power: 2Hp/ 60 Hz

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