Lawrence Bosstar V900 3D Wheel Aligner

The Top of the line wheel aligner machine from LAWRENCE is now in the Philippines.


LAWRENCE Bosstar V900 3D Wheel Aligner System. The Top of the Line Wheel Aligner Machine in the Philippines.

1. Powerful body dimension measurement
2. 3D-technology type of Compensation
3. Unique accurate Target disks
4. High resolution camera
5. Intelligent LED guidance
6. Life time Database Update
7. Copy Paste Database for whole Database update
8. Can input Manually Database Specification
9. Easy to Use can read alignment Data for Camber and toe for Less than 2 Minutes.
10. 3D Visual Display.
11. Low Maintenance (Less Electronic Component).
12. No Run Out Compensation.
13. Free Rolling Compensation
14. i-TOE 1 function: No steering wheel holder is needed!
15. i-TOE 2 function: More vehicles can be aligned!
16. Complete Wheel Alignment Function (Caster, Camber, Toe, SAI, Setback (front & rear),Wheelbase difference and More.
17. Auto Lift Tracking. (Technician can adjust the vehicle Alignment in any Height)
18. Aluminum Camera Beam and Camera Post.
Package Included:
1. Computer Set w/ Printer and Speaker
2. Wheel Alignment Software w/ Database
3. Security Dongle (Micro dog)
4. Wheel Alignment Cabinet
5. 1 Camera Beam w/ 2 Intelligent 5MP Camera
6. 4 Target Disk
7. 1 Aluminum Camera Post
8. Camera Holder
9. 4 Clamp Holder
10. 4 Target Disk Clamp
11. 2 Turn Table
12. 1 Steering Lock
13. 1 Pedal Lock
14. 1 ground Rod
15. Bolts and Nuts
Tools Required
1. Electric Drill
2. Hummer
3. Wrench
4. Screw Driver

bosstar v900 wheel aligner feature

bosstar v900 wheel aligner feature

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