VERITEK GQ350 3.5 Tons Superthin Scissor Wheel Alignment Car lifter

GQ350 Super thin Scissor Wheel Alignment Car lifter

The Best Car lifter that will suite to all type of wheel alignment machine.




  • Lifts suitable for surface or in-ground installation.
  • Hydraulic synchronization with safety device to avoid unexpected uneven of platforms.
  • Pneumatic Self Lock and Mechanical Release.
  • Automatic stop at the maximum lifting height
  • Overload valve equipped.
  • Manual emergency lowering.
  • Heavy Duty Electric Motor

featured GQ350Z veritek


Company : Veritek Incorporated
Brand: Veritek
Model: GQ350
Machine Type: Scissor Type Car Lifter
Suitable: Cars, SUV and Light Trucks
Lifting Capacity (Ton): 3.5 Tons
Jack Type: Centering Rolling Jack
Secondary Lifting height: 460mm
Minimum Height : 180mm
Width Between 2 Platform: 967mm
Lifting Time for Jack: 20 Seconds
Lifting Time for Main Lift: 30 Seconds
Overall Length: 4500mm
Platform Width: 640mm
Lifting Height 1670mm
Lifting Time: 50 Seconds
Motor Voltage: 220V /1ph
Motor Power: 2Hp/ 60 Hz

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