3Excel T268 Auto Lift Track 3D Wheel Aligner Machine

 3Excel T268 Auto Lift Track 3D Wheel Aligner Machine

Product Functions & Features:

  1. Meet various working conditions, include small scissor lift, two-post lift, four-post lift, clear ground two post lift, service pit.
  2. The beam automatically tracks the target
  3. Customer feedback reminder timely reminds workshop to follow up with car situation and maintain old customer. Black box records the operation situation of wheel aligner, effectively improve the efficiency of problem-solution. Dynamic graphics shows variation value of every angle.
  4. Measurement accuracy up to 0.01°.
  5. 3D animation demonstration make it easier to learn.
  6. Auto calculate actual rolling radius of tire in comparison to the standard to find out abnormal wear of tire. Free vehicle-pushing is not restricted by levelness of platform.
  7. Additional measurement can realize angle analysis for chassis.
  8. Voice remind function.
  9. Intelligent diagnostic system can automatically analyzes hardware connections and usage anomalies.


Parameter Accuracy Range
Camber ±0.01° ±8°
Toe ±0.01° ±2°
Caster ±0.03° ±19°
K.P.I ±0.02° ±19°
Rear Wheel Thrust Angle ±0.02° ±2°
Axial Offset ±0.02° ±2°
Track Width Difference ±0.02° ±2°
Wheelbase Difference ±0.02° ±2°
Front Set-Back ±0.02° ±2°
Rear Set-Back ±0.02° ±2°
Wheel Tread ±0.64cm <265cm(105in)
Wheel Base ±0.64cm <533cm(210in)



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