Veritek LX-30 Engine Flushing and Cleaning Machine

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Veritek LX-30 Engine Flushing and Cleaning Machine


“Engine Maintenance Made Easy, Quick and Effective”


  • [ ] Improves Gas Mileage
  • [ ] Increases Engine Performance
  • [ ] Reduces Exhaust Emissions



[ ] Driving force: DC12V(Electric)

[ ] Driving force: DC12V(Electric)

[ ] Working pressure: 60PSI

[ ] Weight: 38KG

[ ] Measure:365*445*940mm

[ ] Scope Small Gasoline Motor & Diesel Vehicle



[ ] 5 micron super slim filtering system.

[ ] Cleaning and changing oil function 2 in 1.

[ ] Effectively remove the carbon ,grease and metal filings.

[ ] Safety and easy to use.



  • The engine gets to start anew with a clean slate. If you just change the oil without doing an engine flush when the oil is extremely dirty, the new oil will get dirty much faster. Another benefit is that if engine work was recently performed, the flush will remove any particulates that may be left over.
  • Engine flushing cleans out those miniscule particles that the oil filter misses. The oil filter does a great job at filtering particles; however, it doesn’t catch every minute particle. They will bond together in the oil passages and stick, potentially causing a blockage and reducing oil flow and pressure.
  • Built-up deposits are removed. Even if you change the oil at the recommended intervals, your driving habits could affect the rate at which deposits build up. Driving short distances at low speeds causes buildup that oil can’t knock loose. A lot of stop-and-go driving could also cause the small particles to bond together and get stuck in the oil passages.
  • Flushing cleans the engine parts. Once oil gets dirty, internal engine parts are susceptible to damage from contaminants and reduced lubrication. Sludge and contaminants could even block the oil pump pickup screen. An engine oil flush will clean the parts, including the oil pump pickup.
  • You’ll be able to go longer between oil changes. When oil gets dirty too fast, you’ll have to change it at more frequent intervals than the manufacturer recommends. If you flush the engine, you’ll be able to wait until the recommended mileage or time frame interval, as oil will stay clean longer
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