Veritek DH-60A+ Injector Cleaner and Tester

Veritek DH-60A+ Injector Cleaner and Tester

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[ ] Ultrasonic Cleaning
[ ] Idle Speed Testing
[ ] Medium Speed Testing
[ ] High Speed Testing
[ ] Accelerating Testing
[ ] Shifting Speed Testing
[ ] Leakage Testing
[ ] Idle Speed Spraying Times Setting (0-9900 Times)
[ ] Medium Speed Spraying Times Setting (0-9900 Times)
[ ] High Speed Spraying Times Setting (0-9900 Times)
[ ] Reverse Flushing
[ ] Free Of Disassembling Cleaning



[ ] SPEED RANGE: 0-7500R/MIN
[ ] PULSE WIDTH: 0-9900
[ ] TIMING: 0-10MIN
[ ] POWER SUPPLY: AC220V±10%50/60HZ



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