Freon Recovery AMC-800 Fully Automatic

Freon Recovery AMC-800 Fully Automatic

AMC-800 Freon recoverymmachine for sale in Philippines

Product Description of Fully Automatic AMC-800:
AMC-800A/800 A/C System Maintenance Centre(flush, recovery, vacuum, recharge)

Fully automatic, easy to operate

The latest database, data query & comply possibly

Secondary recharging tank (800A)

Flush and recovery be run by hot-key

Patented technologyFunctions

Automatic flushing

Automatic recovering/recycling

Automatic/manual used oil drain

Automatic vacuum;

Automatic/manual new oil injection

Automatic recharging with load cell

Automatic recharging via the secondary recharging tank (800A)

Manual recharging with can via the auxiliary port

Maintenance message display

Maintenance procedures

Data printing


Electric scale calibration

Parameter setting


AMC 800 AC System Specifications:

Power supply: AC220V~50/60Hz

Vacuum pump:4.5CFM,10Pa

Compressor: 1HP, 12cc

Load cell precision: ±10g

Tank capacity: 12L

LED display: 240*128


AMC-800 Features:

Be able to clean the pipeline of A/C system on-vehicle.

Be with a variety of cleaning mode.

Be equipped with large-size observing widow with LED backlight.

Pressure gauges are installed vertically.

Special designed oil separator with patented technology.

Be with friendly interface.

Be equipped with the secondary recharging tank with load cell (800A).

Be with the auxiliary port.


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