Brake Lathe- Veritek T8455

Brake Lathe- Veritek T8455

For sale Brake lathe machine T-8455

1. machine rigidity. Set transmission, the base in one, increasing the rigidity of the machine.

2. Large processing range car field. Effective stroke covering all car brake disc brake drum, especially for larger brake discs BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other car

3. The full-featured operating system. Can lift and maneuver fast forward and reverse passes, improve work efficiency, centralized control button station, easy to operate.

4. The more practical. With respect to the hundreds of thousands of luxury cars, brakes, brake drums, repair than replacement costs incurred very few, but also allow these owners to accept.

Item T8445
Brake drum diameter mm 180-450
Brake disc diameter mm ≤400
Working travel mm 170
Spindle rotation speed rpm 30,52,85
Feeding capacity mm/r 0.16
Main motor Kw/rpm 1.1/1400
Size mm 690*890*880
Net weight Kg 320

FOr sale Brake lathe machine in high quality and easy to use and affordable

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