LAF Flexitank

For sale flexitank in the Philippines- imported by henry import and export corporation & veritek incorporated

For sale Flexitank in Affordable Price

Advantages of flexi-tank in shipment for bulk liquid:

Bulk liquid shipment is an important branch of transport industry. ISO tank and drum have been the traditional shipment means. However, it has been not only a high cost for companies to purchase, to recycle, to maintain, to clean etc, but also has a unfavorable impact on national resource utilization and environmental protection. Thus, an economical, environment-protection shipment means for bulk liquid is born and become a favorite in shipping bulk liquid in the world. For the shipment of non hazardous liquid, flexi-tank has unique advantage in freight and performance, compared with traditional shipment means:


1.Food Grade
2.Insurance covered
3.16000L-24000L capacity
4. Worldwide networks


1 outer layer tubular woven polypropylene fabric
multi-inner layers food grade multi-layer co-extruded polyethylene film
3″ food grade butterfly or ball valve and stainless steel flange


LAF Flexitank Types Accessories
Top loading / Top discharging

Bottom loading/ Bottom discharging

Top loading/ Bottom discharging,

Steel Bar

Paper Cardboard

Corrugated Paper

EPS Foam

Air vent or automatic Air vent

Heating pad or electric heating pad

LAF Flexitank Special Designs

a.One-piece tubular PP fabric design removes risks of rupture lengthwise.
b.Anti-suction Valve design minimizes cargo residue in flexitank after discharge.
c.The Stainless Steel Flange design is mechanically fitted to the flexitank, and guarantees the safety of the valve.
d.The specially designed bonnet provides a clean and secure containment area around the valve and avoids
contamination to flexitank caused by spillages during filling or discharging.
e.Railway Frame Bulkhead design protects valve and container during transit. 

1.20ft container payload 44% higher than drums and 15%higher than IBC cleaning cost ,no disposal cost demurrage cost return loads needed

5.Save storage,packaging transportation cost


Edible liquid and non-hazardous liquid chemicals

1.Chemicals: Adhesives, Cleaners, Emulsion, Inks, Latex, Lubricants, Engine Oils &

Greases, Shampoo & Detergents
2.Food: Soy Sauce, Juice Concentration, Buttermilk, Edible oils, Milk Products, Sour

Cream, Sweeteners, Vinegar




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